My lucky knickers

Do you have a pair of lucky knickers?

These always get me laid.


Except today. I wore them because I ran out of underwear – obviously the laundry fairy hasn’t visited so I didn’t have any clean ones. Or I could possibly have some clean ones, in the great big pile of clean washing waiting to be put away. Oh laundry fairy, where are you?! Plus I now remember why I don’t like g-strings with literal strings on them. I feel like I have something trying to cut my ass open. How do girls wear these every day?!

So anyway, these undies, they are black satin with clips on either side that make them easy access. You know those clips they are like the back of bikini tops but smaller. They latch on and latch off. Instead of bows I have one hand unclip knickers.

Think these, but with clips on the side…

I remember a night we went out for a friend’s birthday many many years ago to some goth night somewhere and I thought I’d wear my lucky knickers and see if anything happened – I generally don’t do Goths as I just don’t find them sexually appetising. So I got all dressed up, in a corset – which there’s a picture of me in one,¬†with one of my beautiful velvet skirts that had a split up the side all the way to the waist with buttons down so you could undo them to whatever thigh length you wanted. And my knickers.

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Road Tripping: Back to Vegas

Well, when I left New Orleans for my 2 day bus ride back to Vegas I wasn’t expecting anything too much apart from catching up on sleep. And catching up on sleep I did do. It was fabulous. I also got to experience Route 66 – from the front of a bus.

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