The delicious art of a good spanking

I realise lately that I’ve done a lot of introspective posts about my feelings and thoughts, so I thought I’d mix it up a bit and write about some of my favourite activities…


My first ever spanking session went for just over an hour and a bit, about 12 years ago now.

So my friends tell me. I can’t remember most of the pain, all I remember is how it smarted, I remember thinking that I possibly couldn’t take any more as I was pushing through another pain barrier and the intensity started up all over again, it made me wiggle and giggle, it made me squirm and finally it made me fly. The lady who gave me said spanking is still one of my very good friends and her hands will always be some that I remember with delight.

So let’s go into the exquisite art of spanking. Because there is you know, it’s not just walloping for wallopings sake.

There’s a spanking sweet spot for me, just like the caning sweet spot. Except the caning sweet spot is in that sweet sweet fold of skin where your butt cheeks meet the top of your thighs and when you bend over and get caned right there it also catches your labia and you feel that burn through your body as your breath catches and you ride the waves of intense white-hot pain. But this isn’t my post about caning.

Let’s get back to the spankening fun times.

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Rope, the best in bondage ever.

So some of you might or might not be aware that I have a some love affair going down with rope.

I have my¬†furoshiki full of rope, purple and natural coloured jute. It’s oiled, twisted, wicked and de-fluffed on a regular occasion.

Gum boots and rope

What’s the draw? I think it’s because I love love love being tied up by someone who loves to tie. The energy, the give and take, the pain… These are all the things that can be given with rope and then some. It’s really rather zen sometimes. There is something to be said about being hung by one leg in the air with nothing between you and the floor but rope and that constant pain and pulling. It’s just the right amount to take your breath away and yet at the same time ask for more.

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