Stories telling stories

The other night we got to watch an 80s movie with the producer and some actors in residence for a Q&A afterwards.

To say that I was pleasantly surprised by the movie is an understatement. I wondered why I hadn’t seen the movie before now as it is a timeless art house production.

What’s the movie? It’s called The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey.

It’s about men in a 14th century Scottish mining town trying to escape the Black Death. And in doing so you’re transported with them to 20th Century New Zealand in a quest to save the village of the plague.

Only there’s a twist. And I’m not going to tell you what it is.

But one thing the producer said during the Q&A struck home. It’s a story about a story. And sometimes those are the most powerful stories. And I think this story actually moved me. It was engaging and interesting. You have what the fuck moments but then it still keeps you interested.

And then when the lights came back on we were surprised to spot my friend a few seats down. Being that she’s a huge rock star I didn’t expect to see her at a small art house screening in Parramatta! Score.

Onto a personal note: I’ve been a bit quiet because I’m still unpacking and haven’t set up my computer as yet. And we had a storm rage through Sydney and the Central Coast (anywhere else in the world it would have been classified a cat 2 cyclone) last week that has caused a lot of damage which means I’ve been working super long hours trying to get power back to people who were going 10 days without power by the end there. It’s been 2 weeks of irrationality, stupidity and perseverance.

I can’t wait to go back to my mundane work week next week.


Kinky? Doesn’t that just mean wearing your underwear around the house?

I get asked a lot what I mean by “kinky”.

So I thought I’d go through and explain how I first got into the lifestyle and what it’s meant for me.

So google tells me this…


Yet why does kinky have to do with sexual behaviour? For me it encompasses a whole range of other things that have nothing to do with sex.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. How did I discover this lifestyle?

Well I had a computer back in the day when the only chat rooms available were either IRC or yahoo, I think we’re talking circa 1999. I was spending a night online chatting to my regular people instead of studying and a girlfriend I’d been talking to advised me that she thought I was submissive. Say what?

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Singdom doth not equate to the end of life as we know it

But I like the way Baldwin frames being alone as a choice, one that calls to us not because we so love isolation and hate feelings, but because our relationship status is just one of many things we have to juggle. She’s not saying a partner wouldn’t be nice (or threatening to plunge cutlery into her eye)—although certainly some women, like some men, revel in total amatory freedom. But singlenesscan be voluntary, can be fulfilling, can be the best choice on the table at the moment, even if it’s not always a fountain of bliss. – Article from Daily Life

Singledom. The defect of relationship statuses for women it seems. Men could be bachelors for the rest of their lives and not get hit with any stigma in regards to their relationship status.

I know it’s the case for me. Especially coming from a European family. I’m 35. Don’t have children by choice, don’t have a partner by choice and quite content living in shared housing in an inner city boho chic suburb with a cat.

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Love hurts because…

Think on that. Let it sink in, roll it around on your tongue a bit.

I read that quote on fetlife today. And it was another epiphany moment.

I’ve had a few of those since my relationship break up just over a month ago now. Maybe it’s time to go through Epiphany #1 in before I go through Epiphany #2.

Epiphany #1 – I have daddy issues. Thanks to wholelottarosiee and her post about identifying her daddy issues .. I had a light-bulb moment of epic proportions.

You see, unlike her father, mine has been absent. He left when I was aged 5. I never saw him again. Until I got a call when I was in my mid 20’s from my mother telling me that he’d had a heart attack walking down the street. Cue my confusion and my answer of “Oh. Right. Ok. Do I need to do anything since I’m his offspring?” and “Mum, are you ok? He wasn’t more than a sperm donor for me, but he was your partner once upon a time…”

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To hair or not to hair…

Ahh the undeniably hot topic of female body hair.

It’s a huge thing, in some places. Not so much in others.

In Sydney, for example, there is a certain “dirty” outlook to females who tout body hair. Why? I don’t know. I’m not averse to lusting after some women with body hair myself. It doesn’t make them less attractive or dirtier. However I also know that I have friends who would totally be grossed out by this concept of female body hair. If they see a hair, it gets plucked, waxed or shaven off.

What’s prompted this post? Well you see over on Date Peeves there was a post about double standards. Particularly concerning the lovely topic of hair. On men mostly. And after a brief survey of quite a few of my female friends the general consensus was that they all like a bit of fur, trimmed preferably. There were some outliers who wanted the au naturale and another who loved fully shaved. But those were a given.

I wasn’t going to write about this topic – but perusing the paper this morning I came across this article and thought that the hair gods were throwing hair in my face so that I can write about it.

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