First times: My first ever strap on experience

Thanks to Ann over at Ann St Vincent and Maurnas from Cursitivity, who did a guest blog post on Ann’s blog popping her sex blogging cherry! She went into the time she had a boyfriend request her to do anal play with him. So based on that I’m going to delve into my very first anal experience with an old boyfriend. This one’s for you gals.


Quite a few years ago I was dating this one guy. Let’s call him Anthony. Anthony and I had dated for about a year when he asked me if I ever thought about getting a strap on. I frowned at him while we walking around in town. A strap on? For my girlfriends? He shook his head and said no, for me.

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America – I did you. Oh how I did you. Wrap up of my first visit.

My last post wrapped up when I went back to Texas to visit with Daddy and how I took 10 years off his life with my cuts, bruises and bleeding in his car. Not the kind of bruising I was hoping for but best laid plans and all that. We never did break open his toy bag. All that leather that didn’t touch my skin, oh well. Next time. There’s always next time no?

Next time…

So I flew back into Vegas and let Scotty know I was back. He asked if I would stay with him again and I said that I thought it was best that I spend the last few days in Vegas in my room as it’s easier for me to buy all the bits and pieces I needed to take home and I didn’t want to inconvenience him with having him drive me everywhere. We didn’t ever get another night of amazing fucking, which is one of my regrets, but I figure he’s not going anywhere and he’s not given up on me yet so who knows, maybe there will be awesome sex happening again sometime soon.

I did however spend the second last night I was in Vegas with Mr. Married. Yes, he and his wife were in an open relationship, he found me on OKC while I was over there and he was in town on business trip so we agreed to meet up again as he was the one I had a date with but had to cancel because I was dying from the Santa Rampage and he bought me headache tablets to help while I was hiding in bed wishing I was dead.

So he knocked on my door after he’d finished work for the day, we picked up our conversation from the last time we met and before long we were ripping our clothes off and fell into bed. I have no idea how we went from amazing conversation to naked sex, but I blame his brain. I’m such a sapiosexual that I’ll blame that. His brain made me wet.

sapiosexual (comparative more sapiosexual, superlative most sapiosexual). Attracted to intelligence or the human mind.

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What do you mean, no?

The other night on my epic 10 hour drive from Lismore back to Sydney Loki kept me company on the phone. Well. If you call his sick whining and my baiting him a conversation. I do, I was getting much enjoyment out of it.

Although I will admit that the distance thing is a real kicker when he’s actually sick and I can’t nurse him… yes I have the right outfit for this too.

During our laughing, arguing and just generally being shits to each other we touched upon a topic that I think surprised him a bit. At least he sounded surprised.

Orgasm denial.

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The Leaf Vibrator – an eco-friendly orgasm!

I did a talk in a sex shop not too long ago now…

However that’s not what this post is about, it’s about them gifting me with a box of goodies and inside was this box.

It was brown all over, with Bloom Leaf written on it. A cardboard box. Saying it’s 100% silicone finish, rechargeable, natural pleasure.

It was the box that got me. It was so plain. I had no idea until I pulled it out. The smooth cardboard finish filled my inner greenie with glee.

It couldn’t be an eco-friendly vibrator, surely!?

I opened the box with haste forgetting the rest of my goodie bag and pulled out a green item. It’s flexible. It’s silicone, it’s rechargeable.


The chargeable hole for the vibe is actually at the smaller end, blink and you’d miss it. I left it to charge overnight as I anticipated the next nights string of orgasms from a new toy.

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