NOLA – The first time around.

NOLA – it’s slowly creeping into my blood and becoming one of my other loves.

My first time there, however, was a stark contrast to my latest visit a few months ago.

You see, I’d jumped on the greyhound from Austin and decided that I wanted to skip the rest of Texas and get my ass to New Orleans for the 4th of July, Texas had a ban on fireworks due to fire hazards and being a sucker for some bang bang sparkle ooooohhh!!! I decided that New Orleans was it because you know, they are on a river, what fire danger could some bang bang sparkle pose?

This took practically a day of travelling non-stop to get my butt into the city for the morning of the 4th. Thankfully no one on the greyhound decided to use me as their body pillow on this stretch and there were no delays or sleeping on tiled floors in the greyhound stations.

I got into New Orleans greyhound/train station about 6am. The sun was just starting to shimmer over the horizon. I stepped out of the air-conditioned station and then turned my heels right around and went back in to get a drink of water before braving the humidity that reminded me of Darwin all over again. And when I say reminded me of Darwin I mean that as soon as you walk out into it you feel every drop of moisture leave your body and float away merrily while sticking its tongue out at you as you suffer..

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Squirrel! Austin! Squirrel!

You know, as an Australian abroad, I think I did all Australian’s proud when I went walking around Austin during the daylight to get to Congress I stopped to sit to have a breather under a tree in the gardens around Congress and was instantly surrounded by these little hopping things that were playing, rolling and generally being totally adorable.


We don’t have these in Australia. We have possums. Like this:

Rainforest Retreat@Urliup - 4Rainforest Retreat@Urliup - 6

Ok, so possums more the size of wallaby’s… and I may or may not have cut up some of my watermelon for her.

So anyway, back to my squirrel adventure!! I apologise in advance for my love of squirrels and spamming you all with my squirrel peektures from Austin…

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Hiking = quick way to break thyself

So you know all those people that love to go hiking in the forests and whatever else they can find? I thought I would channel my inner hiking bitch and see what this fuss was all about over the weekend.

The “trail” – yes, it’s not much of one…

I think I’ve come to the conclusion that I might not be one of them. Well maybe I could be, with a bit more preparation.

You see, a few weeks ago I got a text message from my wifey. She asked if I thought it was a good idea for our Oxfam trail walk practice to do a 18km hike through Ku-ring-gai National Park to some forgotten “ponds” which are basically a series of cascading waterfalls that fall into ponds. Waterfalls you say? I don’t say no to waterfalls, doesn’t matter how far I need to walk to get to them.

At this point I possibly should have referenced a map. But no, I blindly trust my wifey to make sure we aren’t going to go kill ourselves. I’m not sure why, every time we do an activity together we nearly kill ourselves. You’d think we’d have learnt by now.

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