10 days = 10 questions – Day 7

Day Seven: Four turn offs

1. Feet – I hate feet. However you can rub mine.

2. That hocking spitting thing that people do… where they get it from the back of their throat and spit it out. It makes me vommie in my mouth.

3. Bad hygiene. There’s no reason why you can’t brush your teeth or have a shower. Just no.

4. Dirty Sheets + dirty house = no go. Gross.


Tampa – half a review

Only half because I can’t bring myself to finish the book in one sitting. I’ve only gotten half way because I need to take extended breaks due to the chilling vomit inducing subject matter in this book.


Well, let’s go back to the beginning. Tampa, by Alissa Nutting is basically about a 26 year old female teacher, who basically goes into teaching so that she can teach year 8 students in the hopes that she can find one to groom and seduce.

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