And I’m back home, Sydney I missed you!

It’s so good to be home. It really is.

For one, I am back in my queen sized bed. Where I can roll around and not slam into a brick wall. I swear I’ve scraped all the skin off my left arm from trying to roll and waking up face planting the wall.

You see, I went up the north coast for my university classes. Being that I’m doing my study externally it means that I have to spend a week up near the NSW & QLD border.

Yes, I was there… Lismore [Source]Now, Lismore is lovely. It’s densely forested. It has rivers, I mean it is known as part of the Northern Rivers after all and since I am the smart woman doing an environmental degree I spent a lot of time waist deep in fresh water, salt water or shrubs. In the middle of winter.

Smart? Possibly not my smartest move, however at least I didn’t end up in the river head over tits in the river like my team-mate. Oh no, I just splashed my way through because I figured I was going to get wet and there was no point trying to avoid it.

What I didn’t plan on, however, were the tics.

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