Running Scared – Another smart idea!

You guys know that I have these wonderfully awesome ideas and think they will be awesomely fun and how hard can it be at the end of the day right?


What could possibly go wrong?


I just forwarded onto my partner in crime, my wifey, that we should go do the Running Scared event for Halloween. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? We have months to train for this. MONTHS! I mean, it’s just 8 km of obstacles. There’s some wading, trudging and crawling through liquids. Please gods let it not be something that’s glow in the dark and filled with UST’s.

What’s a UST? Unidentifiable Slimy Thing – I coined that term when I went to a beach and couldn’t see the bottom. And slimy things were touching my legs causing me to shrilly squeal and swim for the nearest area I could climb out of water. Or onto surf board. Or boogie board. Or any board. Logically I know that it’s probably just seaweed. However fear doesn’t work on logic. I squeal and would win an Olympic medal with how fast I swim to shore. Annnnywayyyyyyyyyy…

And if they include clowns I’ll be running so fast they’ll nickname me speedy Gonzales. Because you know, clowns. I blame Stephen King for that phobia. Cheers mate!

I mean, look at the list of the obstacles, they sound fun… right?

Walk in the park. 8km of that? Sure. We’ll have fun. FUN!

You know that thing you do when your heart is beating so fast in your chest you can’t help but either cry or be in hysterical laughter on the floor with no noise coming out of your mouth as tears stream down your face as you hold your abs for they hurt so. Yeah. That.

Cern won’t stop laughing at me when I told him that I’m going to do this with wifey. I tried to get him to give me some support but all he can do is giggle at how epically I’m going to die during this.

I refuse to be bought down. I can do this. I will do this. Even if it kills me.

And at least there’s water. I can float in it and pretend I’m a prop if all goes to hell.

See, I have all areas covered.

I just had to share that this is how all my mishaps adventures start.

How hard could it be? We’ll be right.


The lurgy

I’m sorry guys, I really do want to finish up my story with Cern for you, however I got his sickness that he had over xmas and am now slowly dying.

Even if he’s told me I’m not allowed to.

So once I’m back on my feet without a fever and a furball in my throat I’ll finish it up for you all. Promise.

Till then, send all the help. I’m dying…