First times: My first ever strap on experience

Thanks to Ann over at Ann St Vincent and Maurnas from Cursitivity, who did a guest blog post on Ann’s blog popping her sex blogging cherry! She went into the time she had a boyfriend request her to do anal play with him. So based on that I’m going to delve into my very first anal experience with an old boyfriend. This one’s for you gals.


Quite a few years ago I was dating this one guy. Let’s call him Anthony. Anthony and I had dated for about a year when he asked me if I ever thought about getting a strap on. I frowned at him while we walking around in town. A strap on? For my girlfriends? He shook his head and said no, for me.

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Why I hate Valentines day…

I think the only good valentines day I ever had was when I was dating my ex girlfriend and this could have been because we actually planned lovely romantic dinners and things to do together. Where as all my valentines days until this point and after were duds. Absolute duds. To the point I’m a bit traumatised and am going to spend Valentines day this year on a plane flying to the States.

So here’s one of the most epic failed valentines day getaways ever, courtesy of Beth¬†and her blog entry about her failed honeymoon…

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