Shared things – like viruses, showers and other fun things.

I am dying. The man flu, or whatever you want to name it. I blame Cern. The last 2 times I’ve been sick it’s because he’s shared his germs with me.

Granted, I can’t lay all the blame at his feet. It’s not like I’ve kept my hands or my mouth to myself when he’s feeling poorly. One day, one day I’m going to get him sick instead of him getting me sick.

We went to the doctor today who basically argued with me that I had to stay at home tomorrow when I wanted to go to work. He even wrote me a medical certificate to say that. So in order for me to go to work I have to get a letter from my Dr saying that I’m well enough to. And we all know he’s not going to give it to me. Cern sat there and gloated at me in the Dr’s surgery while I whinged that I should go to work and not rest at home.

He also mentioned that he thought the Dr was actually pretty good, for a medical centre one. And he is. A lot of Dr’s locally have picked up their game and that makes me happy. They actually talk to you about medications and concerns about various things and will give you a prescription for antibiotics but tell you to only use it if you feel that the sick isn’t clearing up after a week or so just to make sure you kill it before it gets worse.

Ultimately though. I figured out, while we waited a whole 5 minutes for the dr, that Cern listens to about the first 2 sentences that I utter then he focuses on coffee and where he can get some. So I have 2 sentences to say things before I lose him. Granted, with me being sick, he has about 2 words so I can’t really fault him on that. Since you know, he was the one that got me sick and he’s still not recovered. I fear we both may have the attention span of a goldfish combined.

Although because he’s been sick for the last week and been totally out of it, we haven’t been shagging. And we all know how much I love my shagging. A lot. So I was rabidly horny yesterday. And we were going to go at it last night because he was starting to feel better and well, I’m constantly horny and going for nearly a week without was making me a bit crazy. Then I got sick last night. I passed out next to Cern on the bed before he finished his sentence about me lying down for a bit. There went the sexy times. Obviously the sex gods were against us getting off. But I won.


Totally jumped his bones this morning. I was sick as a dog but I didn’t care. My cunt wasn’t sick! My head may have felt like I had been hit repeatedly by a sledge-hammer. But the rest of me was up for it. And bloody hell. It was awesome. I may not have been able to breathe and felt that my head was going to explode at stages from the buildup of orgasms and the pain from my sinuses … but it was sooooooooo worth it. Sex cures everything. Well nearly. Since there was a wet spot on the bed that somehow I couldn’t avoid sleeping in… I offered him a shower instead.

What is it with men and stupidly hot hot showers? His showers burn me! They burn him but he thinks having third degree burns means you’re clean. I on the other hand, squeal and plaster myself against the wall in the hopes that his super hot water isn’t going to scald me. Although to be fair. he has his moments of holding me and then turning the water hot. Or cold. While I squeal and splutter under the running water. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has a partner that tries to freeze or fry them in the shower?

Granted all this is made up by the fact that I woke up at different points during the night to him patting my hair and murmuring if I needed anything. I tried to say no but I dare say all I said was snorreee as I passed out again. Being sick sucks.


  1. My wife and I are the opposite of you and Cern. She loves it scalding hot. I like it hot enough to penetrate and relax my sore muscles, but I don’t need my skin red when I get out. Hope you’re feeling better!

    • Oh I love my showers warm enough to heat me but cool enough not to dry me out.

      Thanks Phil 🙂

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