The lurgy

I’m sorry guys, I really do want to finish up my story with Cern for you, however I got his sickness that he had over xmas and am now slowly dying.

Even if he’s told me I’m not allowed to.

So once I’m back on my feet without a fever and a furball in my throat I’ll finish it up for you all. Promise.

Till then, send all the help. I’m dying…


          • He did yesterday. He just went out for the a coffee date today so I’ve been fending for myself.

            And have decided the only way I’m going to feel better is by colouring in. Sometimes it helps to let the little out πŸ˜‰

          • A coffee date?! Don’t tell me y’all are still doing that polyamory thing? πŸ˜€

            I met a guy here who has a play space and hosts, among other things, littles parties. It was interesting to hear what that’s all about from him.

          • Yeah, it seems like we still are. To be honest I’m too sick to give two shits. Yet at the same time annoyed. Not sure if it’s just me being sick & irrational or if it’s a justified feeling.

            It’s always good to know people that host their own parties! Get into that, you’ll have a ball πŸ™‚

          • Well since I’m not exactly sure the contents of your as-yet-unwritten second post, it’s kinda hard for me to say πŸ™‚

            I would be irritated no matter what… I would want someone to hang out with me and take care of me when I’m sick.

            And yeah, that guy is pretty cool. I realized I never wrote about our date which was us attending a pressure points seminar in a fetish space in the city. He didn’t hit on me but was certainly open to whatever I wanted or needed. I just didn’t have a physical connection… but I know he could teach me a thing or two.

          • Yeah. I think that’s what it boils down to. I’m feeling sick and neglected. Gah.

            Well, sometimes you can still be friends and go to their parties without having to shag them surely?

          • Oh yes, absolutely. He has invited me to a few things already but given my schedule and stuff with Tony I’m going to take a pause. This guy will be around. He’s patient…and quite willing to help me out himself or introduce me to friends…whatever I desire. He even offered to have me list myself on FetLife as being under his protection… but I told him I was a big girl and can take care of myself πŸ™‚

          • Hahahaha that’s sweet of him and I’m glad you have that option πŸ™‚

  1. What is it with this season? Holy crap everyone is getting so ill!

    Get well, my dear, dear Sharn!!

    • Thanks Savannah, I’m hoping I get well too!

      I suck at being sick. I turn into a needy whiney thing. X

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