Oh anger, my good friend! The other woman issues.

You know, a good friend said to me yesterday that I should be patient. That I should wait.

That it’s some kind of stupid long weekend in America and that she hasn’t had time.



Yes, yes, we’re talking about Scotty’s other woman. His fiance. His… well at this rate, anger making cuntmonkeyface.

Today, today I’m full of good things. I’m centered, I’m feeling the love for my people, it’s strong, it’s steady and it’s a constant stream along those lines that connect my heart to theirs. Can you feel it? I hope you can, I lovers you all.

I was told I should be patient and take the high road. I retorted with I will take the high road. Right after I step on that bitches face to step up to it.


And that is where I stand right now.

I’m furious.

I’m so angry I could swim over there just to kick her arse around like a little basketball and then swim home again.

But I hold my tongue. I messaged Scotty last week to ask if she’d gotten the message. He says that they are currently with family up north and that he’s sure she will reply when she has a spare minute. This morning I realise from pictures they are back in Vegas. Where has polite manners gone these days? A quick note back from her to say “Thanks for your message, currently engaged with family for holidays and will get back to you when I have a spare moment” would have been sufficient. But what do I get? Nothing.


Well fuck you too.


End rant here.

Sighs miserably. Why can’t she love me?


    • I’m sure he’s mentioned it to her by now.

      He knew as soon as I sent it to her a week ago, we were talking online together.

      So there’s no way that she would have missed it.

        • Yeah that’s how I feel.

          And if she missed it the first time around she should have gotten it the second when I checked in with him and he would have checked with her, yanno?

          So now I just feel like being a bitch. And that’s so not where I wanted this to go.

          • If I recall correctly from the earlier post, he said she’d be ok with hearing from you but it sounds like he might have misjudged her willingness. I don’t want you to lose your friend, especially if you were in his life before her. Maybe he needs to grow a pair & not let her control who he is friends with!

          • Ahhh but you see it’s not just our friendship, it’s our relationship.

            He is, without a doubt, my boyfriend. I love him. He loves me. He’s said to her that no matter what happens with them that he will never let me out of his life. He is the same for me. He means too much to me.

            It’s not about him growing a pair at all.

            It’s about me trying to make her feel secure in a friendship with me and that somehow cementing her security with him.

            Except now there’s no point in my offering her this. There just isn’t.

          • LOL

            Feel free to read the link to where I talked about “Scotty, the low down” – is what it’s called.

            It clarifies our relationship πŸ™‚

  1. It is healthy to vent your anger. Now if it helps you, feel free to spank me?!?


    Sorry – couldn’t resist!!

    • Those were my thoughts exactly too πŸ™

      Which upsets me because I honestly hoped that we could have a really good friendship.

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