The ex factor. With added friend equation.

The last few days have seen me in a weird place.

You see I found out one of my friends is dating an ex of mine from years ago. Do I care? Not really, except I guess I do because I would have expected her to tell me or say something to me herself.

Instead I hear about it down the grapevine 2 months after the fact.

In a perfect world she would have mentioned it to me, I would have gone oh, but I thought you hated him and he definitely hated you? But you know, hey whatever. But obviously we don’t live in a perfect world and for some reason she never mentioned it.

Our breakup was one of the messiest in my life, it took months of drug therapy in my friends’ hot tub. Not to mention the thought that I had some horrible sexual disease that might kill me in the meantime – back in the days where HIV tests took 6 months. The fact that he not only cheated on me but was a baby-daddy 3 months after we broke up was just a big a slap in the face as any.

Yes, cheers for that matey. But it’s one of those things that I’ve forgiven and every so often the baggage comes back to bite me in the ass even though I think I’ve worked through it.

So on one hand I really truly don’t give a toss about it yet at the same time I’m pissed off that she didn’t say anything.

It’s a very weird place to be.

I find this whole situation really bloody bizarre. Did I slip into an alternate reality? If so where the hell is my Jason Momoa? Who, by the way, I met at the Oz Comic Con in Sydney last weekend. He’s a mountain of a furry man who I’d climb any day. Oh yes. PHWOAR!

Getting back to the point though, am I making this out to be something it’s not? Should I even care? It’s not like it affects my life one way or another.

In keeping with this thought process I believe I’ll just cut it loose. I’m similar in my relationships as I am in my friendships. If my friends can’t be honest and upfront with me then why should they remain my friends?

And to end on a nice bright note, mountain of a man. Furry. Tattoo’s. HAWWWT. Please apply within.


Here’s a picture of us stalking Jason Momoa @OzComicCon – Sydney. You’re welcome.


  1. I have to agree with you. Your friend should have let you know, not to ask for permission or acceptance, but to let you know out of respect for you as a friend.

    • Thanks Vic.

      At least I’m not alone in thinking that then. I didn’t expect to be asked permission or acceptance. But a FYI would have been nice.

    • I don’t know. The years have surely changed him as they have me. Maybe he’s different?

      End of the day though, I would have at least preferred a heads up rather than being told by other parties.

      It just makes it seem like she is trying to get back at me for not taking sides a friend war that happened a while back. Or that she didn’t care about our friendship to begin with.

      A heads up would have been nice.

      But such is life, non?

  2. Yeah, she should have let you know. Guess you have to ask yourself if it’s worth ending the friendship over. What is she doing with him anyway? He sounds like a total fucktard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I have no idea, but yanno, they are welcome to each other.

      I have no invested interest either way ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I agree that she should have told you. But damn! What could she be thinking? He sounds like a disaster. Let’s just hope that when he messes with her head, she isn’t dumb enough to go to you for solace.

  4. I know this is mostly because I don’t fall in love, but I am always just totally indifferent to everyone once we break up (and kind of while we are dating too). I’m just like please, be happy. Seriously. Just do it away from me.

    But your friend should have told you.

    • Yeah I’m kinda the so way with lots of exes. But then I have a few I’m still good friends with.

      But yeah, she should have said something. Oh well, I’ve moved on already ๐Ÿ™‚

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