How to piss me off in 1 easy step

  1. Be a bigoted asshole who tells me that I need counseling because I believe in having open relationships and because I’m kinky. And that being kinky means that I’m after 5 minutes of fun as opposed to a serious stable relationship – and apparently it also makes me someone who only fools around.

I’d say kiss my butt, but my butt’s too good for him.


He didn’t know what hit him.

Well he did. It was my astonishingly impressive and formidable vocabulary and expressive and articulate response.

Hope it felt like a brick.

I haven’t dated one single person since my last relationship. This says something about the quality of men out there than it does about my lack of patience.

Also that I don’t really mind being single, it gives me time to focus on myself and enjoy my life. I think a  lot of men are surprised by this. At least that’s the impression I’m getting. I don’t need a man. It throws them a bit. It confuses them and I would hope that one day I’ll meet a man who it challenges enough to not send me a picture of his penis and expect me to swoon at his feet.

Unless he’s James Deen. Or Jason Momoa. Then I might swoon.

On another note, the moving to South America and opening a cat orphanage is looking better by the minute.


  1. Fuck ’em, I say! I am not a person who would enjoy an open relationship. I tried it, but I’m too faithful and too jealous. However, that doesn’t stop me from admiring and tolerating people, who are in such relationships.
    I am single, too right now. I feel like I want someone in my life, but on the other hand how wonderful it is to be single, right? you can do whatever, go whenever you want and look like shit on Sunday and no one will say anything about it! I think men are intimidated by women, who want to be single. They think their aim in life is to protect us and look after us and when we do that ourselves, they think there is something wrong with us.

    • I’ve been in monogamous relationships and I’ve been in poly.

      I think it comes down to communication. Everyone gets jealous every once in a while. It’s just important to say you’re feeling a bit insecure and ask for reassurance.

      But I think you’re right. Some men find women who can find for themselves scary. Or that we’re mentally damaged. Whatever I say.

      I love life and I don’t need a man to complete it.

      • Well said! I feel sorry for people who just go from relationship to relationship, simply because they need to have someone, ANYONE, in their life. Doesn’t even seem to matter who half the time. Better to be single and happy – and maybe some day the right one will come along 🙂

  2. There’s a plethora of douchebags out there. I honestly don’t know how anybody finds anybody! I met my husband while singing in a gay club one night. That lasted 24 years. I suspect the shade of grass in your backyard is just gorgeous, enjoy it. (“Backyard”, not meant as a sexual reference. )

    It’s easy to forget that sometimes relationships look much more appealing from a distance until you’re in one.

    • Yes, so I keep finding Julie!

      I don’t know either, I’m finding either the guys are purposefully being idiots or there are no nice ones left lol either way if one more tells me I need counselling because I live an alternative lifestyle I’m going to loose it. Again.

      I guess I am rather happy that I can be single and it’s not the end of my life.

        • I usually do weed them out.

          And leaving in that The god delusion is one of my favourite books seems to scare off the god botherers.

          Sometimes though, I guess some guy comes along and thinks he can change me from my obviously lacking lifestyle.

  3. furious scribbling note to self…quit being a bigoted asshole (aka douchebag)….no penis pictures (but the cute dimple on my butt cheek may still be a go)…

    😉 Just kidding!!!

    I have heard there are nice guys out there, perhaps an endangered species, but not quite as tough as finding a unicorn! Stay true to yourself and to hell with everyone else!!

    • Rofl actually I’d probably giggle if I got a picture of an ass dimple.

      I’ve heard that too. But I think they are like unicorns. Maybe one day I’ll also fly 😉

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