10 days = 10 questions – Day 5

Day Five: Six things you wish you had never done

I regret doing certain things, but I don’t think I’d change them for the world because without that experience I wouldn’t be who I am today. So I’m not sure I can actually answer this. With true wishing.

1. Swallowed sea water. This is a 25x magnification of a drop of sea water. Gross!

2. Got chased by a funnel web. There’s nothing quite so scary as a spider rearing and coming at you for no reason other than you wanted to walk past.

3. Snorted an unset vodka jelly shot. For $50. Granted I don’t really wish I never did it. It was… sinus clearing at it’s best.

4. Seen a Kangaroo go under the wheels of the van 2 cars in front of us. Still traumatised.

5. Had jelly fish fights with my sister when we were younger on the beach…

6. Let my mother take me to an abattoir when I was 12 because she thought it would be fine. NOT FINE!


  1. Ha ha at the vodka shot! I snorted a few flavoured vodkas in my time – not something I’d care to repeat!
    And another nutty mummy story – brilliant! 🙂

    • She made me go vegetarian for 10 years after that trip lol

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one snorting vodka! Although it was nice to be paid for it though 😀

  2. Damn Girl! Life in Australia looks rough…or different. I will be careful never to swallow sea water again! What is a funnel web? An abattoir? And do you have signs in Australia that show kangaroos crossing, like we have deer crossing? Forgive my ignorance. But please fill me in!

    • I think it’s just different, not rough. At least not in my books?

      Ahhhhh! I say the same thing, until the next wave dumps me as I’m trying to body surf. It’s hard keeping the sea water out when you’re doing the washing machine twist under the wave.

      A funnel web is one of the most deadliest spiders in the world. And it’s aggressive. It will rear and come at you for no other reason that you’re there. It’s fangs will chomp through leather. On the bright side, you don’t come across many of them at all. I’ve only ever seen the one in my lifetime. They tend to migrate in the warmer seasons, however Sydney being a concrete jungle helps in many ways.

      Yes, an abattoir. My mother was buying a goat for the orphanage as part of her religious celebration and wanted to make sure it was freshly cut and only the good bits were going to be given to her. So off we went to make sure it was killed and cut up properly. I never want to see an abattoir again. Ever. I think it’s still why I am not that big on meat till this day. I’ve never quite been the same since lol

      Yes, we have kangaroo crossing signs… and wombat ones, and emu ones… and koala ones… but that doesn’t stop them from running into the front of oncoming traffic as we were making our way back from the snowy mountains to our lodge.

      • I never knew spiders could pounce! That would scare the daylights out of me. Staggering that they can get through leather! I’d love to see Australia one day.

        • Oh they don’t pounce so much as run at you like a charging bull with those great big fangs up.

          Obviously there’s anti-venom for it 🙂

          Everyone should see Australia one day. It’s a beautiful country!! Which can be said for many countries around the world really…

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