I’m not anti baby, nor do I abhor them…

I find it highly entertaining that people assume, because I have chosen not to reproduce, that I hate babies.

There’s a huge difference in “hating” a baby and exercising my option to keep my womb unfertilised.

Where did this whole thing come from? Well you see, my sister is having her first child today. And with this comes the awakening of my friends who are now saying that they had no idea that I didn’t hate babies/children. Say what?

Yup, apparently because I haven’t had one I therefore must hate them all. Sure I might throw out a comment when someone else’s child wakes me up screaming at 3am somewhere in my apartment block that they must be devil spawn sent to antagonise me, however this does not make one a child hater.

Do I find this a tad offensive? This assumption that I must therefore hate children? Actually, yes, I do. I probably shouldn’t. But I suck at listening to my own advice.

I’m just as excited with the new arrival as the next person that might “love” babies and has decided to have a multitude of them. Sure I’m even happier because I get to love and enjoy the child but also get to hand it back at the end of the day when I’ve had my fill.

There are reasons why I haven’t had children. A lot of reasons. Hating them has never been one of them. From things like leaving a smaller environmental foot print to always believing that a child should be had when one is in a stable, loving relationship and has the financial stability needed to actually raise said child with all it’s needs. There’s a myriad of reasons to which I won’t go into as well.

And honestly, some people’s children I don’t like. They are annoying little brats. And other people’s children I really do like and look forward to spending time with.

Just because I would love to have child free zones set up in various places doesn’t make me a child hater. It makes me want to be able to have spaces where I can go and not have to deal with other people’s rude, screaming and loud child. Just as I believe there are family restaurants where one goes knowing that they will have the above, there should be ones where you can go knowing you don’t have to put up with it. Just because you love your child doesn’t mean everyone else has to.

Plus, who doesn’t want to travel 13 hours in a plane with some little shyte sitting behind you kicking your seat the entire way even after you’ve asked their parent to please have their child stop kicking your chair? Child-free flights? Yes please. Kind of like the “quiet carriages” they now have on country trains.

This is not a child hating option. It’s a civil one. And just because I refuse to reproduce doesn’t make me a baby hater.


    • I thought you’d like that 🙂

      I’m a firm believer in them. There are some restaurants here already running with this idea and coping a lot of flack.

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